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Lovely food and friendly staff!

Melanie, 15 Apr 2021

Quick , professional service, goes the extra mile when asked to make sure the pizza is well done

Stuart, 13 Apr 2021

Always excellent service and food is lovely.

Angela, 09 Apr 2021


Jay, 09 Apr 2021


Miles, 07 Apr 2021

10/10 , my favourite takeaway

Klayton, 07 Apr 2021

Very nice yet again.

Dawn Sorby, 04 Apr 2021

Very good

Olivia, 04 Apr 2021

Great place, love ordering from here as so much variety and great value

Kieran, 03 Apr 2021

Delivered really quickly and always very nice.

Tony, 02 Apr 2021

Brilliant service Amazing food All the time

Dan, 24 Mar 2021


Charlee, 06 Mar 2021


Georgia, 05 Mar 2021

Better pizza than dominos.

Andrea, 05 Mar 2021

Excellent food and excellent service

Stephen Pegg, 01 Mar 2021


Klayton, 01 Mar 2021

Delicious freshly cooked food.

Tracy, 27 Feb 2021

Order missed Hi I put an telephone order in at 6.30pm and it has not turned up for the second time. I was disappointed it what normally is good food and great service. I feel the reason for order issue was due to the person taking my order had a strong accent I could not understand also communication was tough due to a lot of background noise for the kitchen. I think this could be an improved especially with the background noise maybe a quality noise cancelling headphones. As I said Food and service is normally great. Thanks Jon

Jon , 26 Feb 2021

I have paid but why did I have to put details in twice for payment

Andrew, 26 Feb 2021

Great service, amazing food

Teresa, 25 Feb 2021

Jay, 20 Feb 2021

Jay, 20 Feb 2021

Jay, 20 Feb 2021

Jay, 20 Feb 2021


Bridie, 16 Feb 2021

Good is fresh and delicious

Tracy, 14 Feb 2021